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Friday, July 30, 2010

The New Resume

Well, I've posted the new resume; you must tell me what you think!  The postcards arrived yesterday along with the return address labels.  The envelopes are scheduled to arrive today and the package should be ready to mail. Since Sunday is my birthday it would be an appropriate Birthday gift don't you think?
So how is the job hunt going?  Well, I do have a phone interview with The Hartford on Tuesday and I'm preparing for that.  I seem to have moved to the next stage with Tiffany's; I took a personality test online yesterday.  I'm forging ahead and anxious to see/hear reactions from the mail campaign.  The 30th of September is approaching; hard to believe that Sunday is the beginning of August.  I will say that all of my reaching out through LinkedIn and Facebook has brought back into my circle some people I seem to have lost touch with.
Oh yes, I almost forgot I have an appointment with someone on Monday to discuss "franchising" as a possible career path.  The first problem that comes to mind for that is not having any money to invest.  Perhaps that's not a problem?  Who knows but I shall meet with the gentleman and see where it might go.  I will admit to always wanting to run a craft/quilt/yarn kind of shop; but I don't really think there's money enough to be made.  But I would certainly love to spend my days touching wonderfully beautiful fabrics and yarns and talking with people who love being creative as much as I do!
Let's make it a great weekend......thank you all.

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