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It's Me
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My first post!

So as they say, is today really the first day of the rest of my life?!  I have begun this blog to help me achieve my goal; a new job by October 1st.  Ambitious you say?  Probably.  But I have always been ambitious when it comes to achieving.  I hope you'll follow along as I "plow" through the Internet, Relationships and Networks to achieve my goal.

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  1. When I made a major career change..and I do mean major! I pasted this to my bathroom mirror, the dash of my car, anywhere it stared me in the face...the message is powerful.

    "It is quite natural for all/any of us at some point in our career to make changes. It is NOT important to ONLY realize this. The realization should focus on the "why" aspect that triggered this move. After discovering the "why", one needs to "treat" it adequately. That is implementation of the much required "preventive strategy".

    As AMBITIOUS human beings and more so as ambitious sales persons, who are on one mission or the other, we tend to focus on the "I" aspect too much. This focus is lop sided, creates an imbalance and makes the process of our realization of ambition even more difficult.

    To make the journey of ambition/ success an easy and comfortable one, it is essential to shift our focus from "I" to "you". Once this is enabled, you become a giver. Success embraces such givers because in "giving" is all the "receiving".