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Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Morning!

It's Monday, July 26th and I guess I took the weekend off from blogging!  But that doesn't mean I took the weekend off from "working".  I had to redesign my marketing postcard in InDesign because, of course, the resolution in Publisher just doesn't make it!  Happy to say that piece is now complete.  I'm searching out envelopes to mail it in; should they be clear, translucent, whadyathink?  If you do have an opinion please share it with me.  I'm leaning towards the clear but I am concerned about how I am going to effectively address the envelope.  Again, suggestions are welcome.  I did review the job listings on LinkedIn through my marketing group and found a few headhunters I thought I should at least try and contact.  They were not located in CT but thought they were worth checking out.  I am beginning to think about the CT employment market and whether it's a problem.  I don't think we're quite ready to move; but I do have to think seriously about where that next job is going to be.  I've been in CT for 33 the title of my blog says; Linda's Next Chapter, perhaps the story moves elsewhere.
It's off to work so I must sign off.  I promise to try and do better this week; but it's a very busy one.  Talk with you all soon.

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